Questions? Here are the answers.

Investment decisions

How are investment decisions made?

Central to the investment decision is the Investment Committee. It prepares macroeconomic analysis (top down) and individual security analysis (bottom up) which serves as the basis for the investment decisions within the individual client portfolios. Opinions are based on external sources, such as research by banks, institutions and consulting firms, as well as in-house research.

Portfolio structure

How is the portfolio structured?

We structure the portfolio on the basis of the client’s individual risk-return profile, which is determined in personal discussions with the respective client. Here we apply our modular GO Portfolio Classic and GO Portfolio Markets investment strategy. The individual modules, in turn, are managed continuously, incorporating analysis from the Investment Committee, and always in line with the client’s needs.

Risk management and monitoring

How does risk management work and how is the portfolio monitored?

Risk management is a significant success factor when it comes to managing portfolios. The portfolios are reviewed on a regular basis to determine their relative and absolute risk indicators. In addition, individual investment restrictions are monitored by an independent risk management team.