The GO Investment Approach

Why did Mont Blanc Capital Management develop its own investment model – and how do our clients benefit?

The GO Investment Approach – what it is and how it works

GO stands for Global Opportunity. The GO Investment Approach is an exclusive investment model developed by Mont Blanc Capital Management. The model began with the wishes of our clients and clear return objectives.

This focus, combined with our expertise and years of experience, resulted in the GO investment strategy, which we continue to apply successfully.

The GO Investment Approach (GOIA) is now our USP that clearly differentiates us from our competitors – especially the large banks.

The GO Investment Approach is a proven, exclusive and unique investment strategy which we apply for the benefit of our clients to benefit from an exclusive and unique model.

The basis of the GO investment strategy is a distribution-oriented portfolio of bonds and stocks; in other words, investments that pay out to the investor regularly. This results in a continuous cash flow from interest payments, dividends, the redemption of bonds and profit-taking from stocks.

And this allows us to take advantage of investment opportunities as they arise. Our “best value decision” and our “GO effect” allow us systematically outperform the market.

Benefit from the “best value decision”

Physician Albert Einstein understood it, and he summarized it as follows: 

“Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it. He who doesn’t, pays it.”

At Mont Blanc Capital Management, we’ve opted to earn it rather than pay it. Continuously reinvesting distributions and capital gains increases your assets exponentially. Our active management of the compound interest effect is a major factor in our ability to systematically outperform the market. Continuous cash flow allows us to respond to current economic conditions and invest in either bonds or stocks as the opportunity arises. Alternatively, we can also hold on to the cash and wait for a more favorable time to invest it.

Your benefits as a client: You benefit from our “best value decision” through exponential growth.

Benefit from the “GO effect”

Our CIO Alexander Klinkmann understands it and describes the effect as follows:

“The GO effect leverages the portfolio up to a higher level.”

Distributions from investments go into stocks with high growth potential which are the ideal performance driver for the portfolio. Once a growth stock has achieved its performance objective we take the profits and reinvest them in distribution-oriented investments. This increases the cash flow for the subsequent period. This results in a “leveraged” compound effect – the GO effect.

Your benefits as a client: You gain additional benefit from the “GO effect,” the “leveraged” compound effect.

The natural cycle of the seasons

Nature, with its four seasons, is a good symbol for assets and investments. Artist Philipp Winterhalter interpreted the four seasons for us.

Spring: sowing, variety, energy, shoots
Summer: cultivation, work, tending, growth
Autumn: harvest, plenty, abundance
Winter: consolidation, rest, gathering strength, preparing for the next season