Questions? Here are the answers.

Discretionary mandate vs. a mutual fund solution

Why does MBCM prefer a discretionary mandate for pension funds over mutual fund solutions?

Discretionary funds have several advantages over mutual fund solutions. A discretionary fund means we can address the pension fund’s investment restrictions individually. The costs are much lower and the portfolio offers the highest level of transparency because it can be viewed daily. Furthermore, the portfolio is not dependent on whether other mutual fund owners buy or sell shares of the fund. This has a positive impact on efficiency and therefore on performance and volatility.

BVG compliance

Are MBCM pension fund mandates compliant with the Swiss Pension Fund Act (BVG)?

Yes. Our pension fund mandates meet BVG requirements.

Compliance with the ASIP Charter and professional guidelines

Does MBCM also adhere to the ASIP Charter and professional guidelines?

Yes, MBCM and its employees adhere to the ASIP Charter and it confirms this compliance to the pension fund each year.